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Jeanetta Meyer


Our beloved Pastor, Jeanetta (Nipper) Meyer, crossed over into Jesus' loving arms this evening, Saturday, Dec 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm, in

Three Rivers Hospital, Grants Pass, Oregon.

Pastor Jeanetta Meyer, loving wife of Pastor Lenny Meyer. Mother of excellence to son,

Sean Marc Nipper, and Grandmother

extraordinaire to his children.

Pastor Jeanetta Meyer

Watch Live - Jeanetta's Memorial 
Wed Night Live - Dec. 16th, 2020
7:00 PM Online Only
Pastor Lenny Meyer & Sean Nipper 
Mrs. Jeanetta Meyer

Jeanetta Meyer

Associate Pastor

I was born in Santa Monica, California to devout Christian parents. I was in church before I was born! My Nazarene parent’s search for a deeper relationship with God personally introduced them to several patriarchs of faith including Demos Shakarian, the founder of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association. I remember watching my father speaking intently with David Duplessis, aka: “Mr. Pentecost”, about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was also privileged to meet Stanley Frodsham who stayed in our home. He was the editor of the Pentecostal Evangel magazine for many years and wrote the biography of Smith Wigglesworth. When Witness Lee, brother of Watchman Nee was traveling in the United States, on one occasion he taught a Bible study in our home. 


When I was very young I was diagnosed with an incurable, terminal blood disorder called Pernicious Anemia. The traditional religious view at that time was that God was going to “take” me because He needed another little angel in heaven. My parents refused to accept that and stood on God’s Word for my healing. They took me to an Oral Roberts tent meeting in our city where he laid hands on me and I was completely healed. Later as an adult I met Bro. Roberts when I visited the ORU campus and was able to give him my healing testimony in person.

At a critical point in my young adult life, I realized I would have to establish my own personal relationship with Jesus. After some backsliding and skepticism, I discovered that when I prayed God answered and He had always been there for me. I spent my high school years in Mineral Wells, Texas, graduated in '66 and attended a junior college where I met my husband, Tedd. In 1974, three years after our son, Sean was born, we moved to Southern Oregon where my Mom and Dad had previously relocated. We have lived in the Rogue Valley region ever since. Tedd sadly passed away in 2014.

My vocal ability is unique in the fact that growing up I was not able to sing. As a young mother, I prayed to be useful to God. I had no idea what gifts or talents I might have, but my strongest desire was to be able to 1) express to God how wonderful I believed He was, and 2) paint a picture of Him so vivid that others could easily see Him in their mind’s eye. As an afterthought, I thought to myself, “Seems to me singing would pretty much fit that bill, but the problem is, I can’t sing.” 

A week later as I was getting ready for church I was humming a favorite old hymn of my mother’s. To my surprise, new words that rhymed and fit perfectly into the melody began to float up into my thoughts. I quickly wrote them down and rushed off to church. I decided the words were so good it didn’t matter if I sounded awful, I would sing them out anyway. When I opened my mouth a clear, strong voice came out and surprised everyone! I have been honoring God with that voice ever since.

In the early 80’s I traveled with a Gospel singing group called “All God’s Children” and sang in churches from Idaho to California, across the southwest into Texas and up into Kansas. The group specialized in five-part harmonies. I was a backup vocalist for the Praise Team at Celebrate Jesus in Medford, Oregon until 1988 when a church split left me and one other backup vocalist the only people in the Music Dept. Never having done it before, I stepped up to lead worship and out of necessity used background tapes for accompaniment since there were no musicians. I led worship this way for several years until a lone guitar player showed up. He was a most gifted minstrel and together, he and I wrote many songs together! 

During this time as the Holy Spirit began to teach us songs, we learned to flow in a Prophetic Psalmist anointing. The songs usually came forth in a matter of minutes and I had to write quickly to capture them. Some songs came “on the fly” during the anointing of a Praise service as we learned to flow with Holy Spirit’s leading. I’ve written over 80 songs (some of them are actually good ones) in a variety of styles from classical, pop, blues, rock and reggae. 

As a voice talent I’ve done many radio and TV commercials for local businesses. I’m a graduate of Northwest Ministries School of the Bible, with an Associates degree in Theology. I was submitted to the pastoral leadership of Arbee and Janie Freeman at Celebrate Jesus in Medford, Oregon for over 30 yrs., during which time I wrote books on the subjects of Healing, Prosperity, the Love of God, the Names of God, Truth and Light, and Righteousness, and transcribed and edited several of Pastor Freeman’s teaching series into book form. I was the Senior Editor of the Publishing Department and last but not least, a prayer warrior.


When my husband passed away in 2014, and then Pastor Freeman passed in 2016, followed shortly by his wife Janie, the small congregation scattered to various churches in the valley. Rather than look for a church, even though there were some good ones where I would have been welcome, I spent several years alone reconnecting with God and gradually finding my own footing.

In 2019, the Lord used my grown son Sean, now a film-maker, to supernaturally bring me to Spirit of Life Christian Center, a sister church of the one I had attended for so long. Pastored by Troy (Lenny) Meyer, whom I had known for at least 40 yrs. I discovered his wife had also passed away. He invited me out for coffee, and a miraculous relationship began to quickly develop between us. It became quite apparent that God was putting together an unusual ministry team that would impact the local church and begin to spread to unknown places. As the COVID19 Pandemic forced us into live-stream internet ministry, we got married in April of 2020 during the height of the lock-down, in a precious, intimate ceremony witnessed by close friends and family. 

During the period of time after my first husband’s passing I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Myasthenia Gravis, for which there was no cure. I began the fight of my life as I stood on God’s Word for complete healing. It was as if the enemy was attempting to cut off my future just as he did when I was a child, and he was using the same type of illness – a blood disorder. My new husband and his congregation proved to be very strong allies for agreement in prayer and encouragement. Within 4 mos. after we married, the doctor’s report showed a normal blood count and complete reversal of all symptoms of the autoimmune disease. Praise God, the enemy was defeated once again!

My personal experiences of God’s healing power, miraculous intervention, and love are a stunning testimony to the truth and power of God in the life of any believer who will take His Word at face value and settle for nothing less.  


Jeanetta & parents and young son Sean Nipper.


Film Director Sean Nipper - Jeanetta's son 


Pastor Lenny & Jeanetta Meyer.  We got married in April of 2020 during the height of the Covid lock-down, in a precious, intimate ceremony witnessed by close friends and family. 

Jeanetta went home to heaven on Dec.5, 2020.

Singer & Songwriter
Retro Singer

Jeanetta is a songwriter and singer she has performed in many groups and praise teams.




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